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Bilbao is one of the principal port cities on the Northern Coast of Spain. This capital city of the Biscay Province in Basque Country is surrounded by mountains and the Nervion River runs through the city creating some beautiful scenery. It attracts a large number of tourists each year, and not just because of the Guggenheim Museum designed by Frank Gehry, but because its cuisine and its urban architecture make the perfect combination for some great holidays. 

If you’re asking, what is there for me to visit in Bilbao? There are many must-see spots and emblematic monuments in this city that you can’t miss. Booking a free walking tour with a local guide is the perfect way to get to know all the tourist attractions and those hidden gems only locals know about. Plus, it’s a great way to try something new when you’re getting to know a new city. On a free walking tour in Bilbao, you can choose to see the Fine Art Museum of Bilbao, the New Square, Akuna Zentroa, The Cathedral of Santiago, the Zubizuri pedestrian bridge, The Basilica of Our Lady Begonia, the Vizcaya Bridge, Euskal Museoa Bilbao Basque Museum, Etxebarria Park, or Albia Gardens.

Many travelers have already had the opportunity to check out these free walking tours, and they have left their reviews about the tours in Bilbao online, where they talk about the experience they had and how the guide performed. It doesn’t matter if you book a tour in the morning, afternoon, or evening, you will want to check out more guruwalks in other cities such as Oviedo, Gijón or León.