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Best things to do and see in Cádiz

Are you thinking about doing a free walking tour in Cadiz? If your answer is yes, you are about to visit one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and they say it’s a place everyone should visit once in their lives. We are talking about a place that goes beyond just tourism that is associated with the beach, we are talking about a delicious local cuisine with hundreds of restaurants and shops close to the capital which all offer a rich assortment of quality and culture.

Visiting the oldest city in Europe is not something you generally do in 3 hours, but if you did, you’d need to make sure to visit some of its obligatory monuments, must-see cityscapes, and neighborhoods. In addition to the different monuments, you could also choose from a few different routes which would bring you by many of those lesser-known but equally worthwhile spots like the Cathedral, Tavira Tower, Camera Obscura, the Castle of Santa Catalina, the beach of La Caleta, Cádiz Museum, the Castle of San Sebastián, Genovés Park, Fort Candlemass (Baluarte de la Candelaria) or the Roman Theater.

A great way to get to know about the experiences other travelers have had with a pay what you please walking tour, is by reading the reviews other tourists in Cadiz have left about both the route and the guide. These tours are available to book in the morning, afternoon, and evening. As you’ll see, there are many activities and tours that are fun and will get you into the idea of doing more, so you can check out what’s available in other cities like  Córdoba, Málaga, Ronda, Cáceres or Almería.

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