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On Africa’s northern coast where the Nile River flows into the Mediterranean Sea, is where you can find the most populated metropolitan area in all of Africa and the Middle East, the famous city of Cairo. This city’s association with ancient Egypt and the Great Pyramids makes it a popular favorite for tourists who want to experience it for themselves. The rich cultural history you can find here will make it a city to remember, especially if you choose to do a pay-what-you-please walking tour with GuruWalk. Since the city is so big and there are so many monuments to visit, try discovering it with a local guide who can show you some of Cairo’s hidden charms and make your vacation one to remember. 

On GuruWalk’s online platform, you can find a large number of free walking tours that will explore the different neighborhoods and avenues of Cairo. Check out the options available and choose from the tour routes that most interest you. For example, you can visit more iconic places like the protagonist of famous landmarks in Egypt, the Pyramids at Giza, the Sphinx, or some of the other less touristy pyramids like the step pyramid of Djoser. Explore the ancient city of Memphis that lies beside Cairo, and see where the first imperial city on Earth was built. You could also beat the heat and check out some of the priceless artifacts and pieces on display at the Egyptian Museum or visit the first floor of Abdeen Palace where you can find several museums like the Arms Museum. Visit the Mosque Madrassa of Sultan Hassan where you can get some amazing views of the city from its central courtyard. You could also take a day trip to Alexandria to see the Citadel of Qaitbay or just enjoy the gardens and cooling fountains at Al-Azhar Park. 

Choose from a selection of pay-what-you-please walking tours in Cairo which you can do in the morning, afternoon, or evening. With the large number of international tourists, you can find tours available in several different languages like English, Italian, Arabic, or Spanish. When you are choosing the tour, you will also see the ratings that other walkers who have already done the tour have left about both the route and the tour guide to help you get a good idea of what you want to do. You can book any of these tours free of cost on the GuruWalk platform and you can also do as many as you would like so that you really get to know this amazing historical city. After you may be interested in doing a guruwalk in other places like Istanbul, Jerusalem, or Amman