Free walking tours in Genoa

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Best things to do and see in Genoa

The city of Genoa is located on the northern coast of Italy and is the capital of the Ligurian region. His past has always been bathed by stories linked to the sea. If you go walking through its streets, you realize the cultural background that its buildings have always in keeping with the Mediterranean tradition. One of the advantages it has geographically is that it is quite close to cities such as Turin or Milan.

Not being an excessively large locality, it is easy to get to visit the most representative places in 1-2 days. An original way to do it is to choose one of the free walking tours in Genoa, which are free guided tours that would allow you to get to know the Acquario di Genova, the Cathedral of Genoa, the Piazza De Ferrari, the house of Christopher Columbus, Strade Nuove, the Galata Museum of the Mare, Porto Antico, the Parco naturale regionale del Beigua or the Oriental Market.

You can learn more about the guided tours in Genoa by reading the opinions of other tourists who have already enjoyed this experience. Some walkers have also gone to visit other cities such as Rome, Florence or Naples.

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