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Guru: Carpe Diem Rome

I'm originally from London, but like many people in their early twenties, my sense of adventure got the better of me and I spent many years travelling the globe. I eventually wound up in Rome - a city that’s frozen in time and impossible not to fall in love with. I’ve worked as a professional licensed guide in Europe for over 15 years now - meaning I’m not only an expert in Roman history, but also that of many other cultures across the continent. For me, meeting people from all over the world is one of life’s greatest pleasures. I can guarantee to keep learning and history fun - so join me on a tour and let me share this amazing city with you.

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Ugo Brigneti Rouillon 2 months

Laura 2 months

The tour guide cancelled the tour 45 minutes before the tour. Totally irresponsible for such late notice as the guide claimed that new restrictions was the reason for cancellation...which would be understandable except these restrictions had been in place all week and I booked the day before. I was already on my way, paid for the train, and had left another attraction for the tour that I would have gladly stayed longer at, had the cancellation been made any earlier. No excuse for such last minute communications, won't be booking Guruwalk again, though previous experiences have been fine.

Dominique van pelt 2 months

Georgina Seal 2 months

We had a great tour with Colin! We visited the Palatine hill, the forum and the colosseum. It was very informative and we learned so much. Would highly recommend!

Sarah 2 months

Great tour very knowledgeable guide, worth going on, always learn something new.

Ratings (32)