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Hi, I'm Thomas, guru of Cuenca. I am a friendly, outgoing, energetic and passionate person and traveler. I love to visit "hidden" places in my country and, I have also traveled to many other great places in other countries as well. I am convinced that traveling is a great way to grow, to meet people and cultures, and to learn to respect and enjoy differences.

In many cities, I have taken walking tours, some were better than others, but I am aware that a walking tour is the best way to start your trip in a new city. I have been thinking for a while that Cuenca needs a good walking tour and that I could be the right person to develop it.

Cuenca is my birth place and my home and I have been learning the local history and legends ever since I can remember. I also have anecdotes and knowledge of more secret things that are great to share. Some of the history of the city is "dark" since it's a catholic city, there are certain facts that the city tries to keep in secret, and hopefully, let time to delete them from the books and keep a "clean" history. Nevertheless, those facts make the city special, make it what it is, and it is beautiful and unique indeed.

I don't just consider myself a Cuencano, I am a fan of my city, I admire and love it. After you let me show you what it has to offer, you will be convinced that Cuenca is truly the most beautiful city in Ecuador.

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25 days ago

muy buen guia



1 years ago

Good tour. Lots of local information and where to go