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No tours untill the new corona rules are lifted. We look forward to seeing you after!

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Having been a globe trotter for years myself, I respect and enjoy other cultures as much as I do my own. Today, it is my chance to show you around my home town, The Hague and it's much beloved neighbour Delft. You can be assured that I will do it with lots of positive energy and a big smile on my face.

There is something special about the liveliness of The Hague, especially when it is contrasted with its beautiful beaches and parks. Even though I know so much about this town, I always find some new and interesting facts and iconic landmarks that keep me engaged and learning more.

And Delft? With soo many interesting sights, so much history that connects to the city of Delft and the Netherlands as a whole, topping it off with a rich choice of restaurants, coffee places and lovely little boutiques...It's a magnet to me and it will probably have the same effect on you!

I focus my tours to be all about enjoying The Hague and discovering what life is like in The Netherlands.

I look forward to meeting you soon with ElswhereTours and sharing with you what makes The Hague and Delft so special to me!

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2 months ago

It was awesome and Elsa gave us really useful information!


César Pairetti

2 months ago

Excelente visita a la Haya con Els. Recorrimos los puntos obligados del centro histórico, con muy buenas ansias que ilustran la cultura del lugar.

Super recomendable!



3 months ago

Joelle is a fantastic guide. We did many guided tours around Europe but she was definitely the best guide. Always the right word for the right place! The Hague is a small but very cool city. Good job Joelle and thank you!