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About Palma

In the western Mediterranean it is possible to enjoy a large number of tourist destinations, of great international fame, in which to take advantage of the good weather, recommended beaches and a more than attractive cultural, leisure and gastronomic offer. Palma de Mallorca is presented as one of the favorite corners of Spain, both by the Spanish themselves and the thousands of Europeans who know that they will be able to enjoy a pleasant escape, knowing their interesting heritage, their lively nightlife and their many natural corners Of great beauty.

This Spanish city, capital of the Balearic Islands, is located southwest of the Mallorcan island. It is one of the most famous destinations on the continent for its many beaches, coves, a wide range of high-quality hotel offer and a more than enviable cultural and leisure offer, which make this city one of the favorite places for sightseeing throughout the year. Famous for its good weather and for being one of the cities preferred by German and English tourism, it also stands out for its interesting cuisine with dishes as typical as ensaimada, tumbet, arrós brut, snails or trampó coca.

Travelers who arrive for the first time in the city and want to know the most important places to see in it, it is advisable to choose the free walking tour in Palma Mallorca, one of the most comfortable and economical ways to tour this beautiful city, and to know Your most recommended points. Places as iconic as its imposing Gothic Cathedral and Basilica, known as "La Seu" and the recommended and nearby Diocesan Museum, as well as the Bellver Castle in Gothic style, a few kilometers from the city, where you can enjoy stunning views. Other interesting places are the beautiful Almudaina Palace and its beautiful gardens "Hort del Rei". Knowing the city in depth implies going through its busy Paseo Marítimo or El Borne, approaching its beautiful Mallorcan courtyards, Arab baths, as well as its recommended Jewish quarter. The central Plaza de Cort, and the Museum of Modern Art of "Es Baluard", as well as the "Llotja" or the "Consolat de Mar" are other stops of great interest in the city.

Tourists looking for an alternative to the usual excursions that are organized every day, have on the free tour in Palma de Mallorca an excellent option to make the most of the visit to the Mallorcan city, one of the most visited corners of the country, especially during the summer, where there is a greater influx of tourists.

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