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Best things to see and do in Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile is the largest and most populated city in Chile and is also this South American country’s capital. From its beautiful neoclassic architecture to its award-winning cuisine, Santiago, as it is often called by the locals, is full of interesting things to see and do. Enjoying a centralized location in the long stretch of land that makes up Chile, Santiago’s landscape is surrounded by the Andes Mountains and is cut down the middle by the Mapocho River. Since this Spanish colonial city is so large, take the opportunity to get to know it better with the help of a local guide who will take you on a walking tour. 

There are plenty of options to check out for your free walking tour in Santiago de Chile in the morning, afternoon, and evening with local tour guides. You can also find different tours that are centered on topics or themes like Santiago’s mouth-watering cuisine or its historical downtown. On your walking tour, you will see iconic places like The National Museum of Fine Arts, the Fashion Museum, or the Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art. Take the chance to explore Santiago’s Old Town where you’ll find The Plaza de Armas Square, the Metropolitan Cathedral, or the artsy neighborhood of Bellavista along with the Pablo Neruda Museum House-La Chascona. Enjoy the beautiful views as you stroll through Saint Christopher Hill or Saint Lucía Hill Park. Don’t forget to check out Santiago’s Central Market where you can get a taste of the local palette, you will not be disappointed! 

In order to make sure you have the best trip possible, you can read the opinions and reviews of other walkers who have already done one of the free walking tours in Santiago de Chile. As you will see, many of the walkers left their rating and also did another guruwalk in a different city like Valparaiso, Providencia, or Medellin