We have created these community rules in order to guarantee its proper functioning and provide security to all members, both walkers and gurus.

Respect all the members of this community

The root of GuruWalk as a community is respect for all the members part of our family. Respect their opinions, their way of thinking and their beliefs. Try to understand others ensuring respect among all GuruWalk members.

Threats, insults or hatred towards other members or the content shared by them, as well as racist, sexist, homophobic or violent behaviors, are not allowed in Guruwalk and a the reason for expulsion from this community.

All attempts to fraud opinions or create falses reviews from friends and family members will also be sanctioned.

Foster a multicultural community

GuruWalk is growing and has established its presence all over the world, members are from all countries, with different cultures and languages. The diversity of this family is very important and it is what makes us more united. Working for a community where the world belongs to everyone and for everyone.

Help create an active community

As a member of this community be proactive, share content, advice, experiences and enjoy learning from other gurus. Join the biggest group of free walking tour guides in the world and be engaged. Tell your friends, family and all your acquaintances that you are part of this family. Try to promote your guruwalk on blogs, media, put on flyers at hostels, and also on Facebook you can endorse your guruwalks… Let’s grow together!

Respect the concept of free tour

GuruWalk is an international community of pay-what-you-want or “free walking tours” and we only promote this type of tours. Do not publish any private tour respecting the purpose and mission of this platform, that is none other than bringing this type of guided visits to every corner of the world.

You are not allowed to ask for a fixed price, minimum contribution or even settle a price in advance. The traveler is the one to choose and neither you can offer paid services before the free tour was booked by the walkers. These practices will be sanctioned and your account will be suspended.

Give truthful information

Study your tour well, collect real information and create a walk where walkers learn detailed information while having fun. Work responsibly and your travelers will thank you. Contrast the information always looking for reliable sources.

Be professional

If you can’t do your guruwalk, be aware of letting the walkers know. Not showing at the meeting point without an explanation could lead to a negative review from the walkers and a warning from GuruWalk. Understand they are on vacation, respect their time.

Be punctual and even be there before to wait for the walkers at the meeting point, take your tour very seriously, and always notify in advance if you cannot do the tour. From Guruwalk we recommend you to be 30 minutes earlier at the meeting point. There are often other walkers who have not booked and it can be your chance to convince them to join your tour.

Aim to be better, the reviews of your walkers are important

Getting bad reviews frequently is a sign that you are not doing a good job. Read them and try to improve, almost all of them are constructive criticism from walkers that did your tour. GuruWalkcares about the quality of their gurus, and we can help you improve, but if the problem continues it can be a motive of expulsion from the community.

Fraud attempt

In GuruWalk we take transparency and the relationship with our community very seriously. Any attempt to deceive or fraud any member of the community will be reprimanded with a suspension of the account, removal of reviews or even expulsion from the platform.

Any attempt to commit fraud with the PRO plan, either opening the same tour with a FREE plan in order to receive additional walkers or keep the account with negative credits for long periods of time may be sanctioned by GuruWalk.

Mark “no shows” of walkers that attend your tour or that left in the middle of the tour

“No shows” are not going to affect your credit count. For GuruWalk is really important to have a relationship based on trust and we don’t ask you for any pictures or any record of this “no show” but we will carry out sporadic audits to verify them.

We won’t accept travelers that attended the tour or that left in the middle of the tour, to be marked as no shows These credits marked as “no show” will be deducted from the personal account of the guru, once verified that those “no show” came from fraudulent or improper use.

External information is prohibited in the descriptions

Is not allowed to use the description of the tour, the personal description or the pictures of the tour to write phone numbers, links to external websites different to GuruWalk or links to any social media account from the guide.

Duplicate content is not allowed

It is also not allowed to copy content from another guru that is already on the platform or copy the content of external websites to use it as a description in GuruWalk.

Make any marketing paid campaigns using the GuruWalk brand

It is not allowed to carry out marketing paid campaigns that include GuruWalk brand but if you still want to do it, you can contact us and we will value your proposal through

Don’t hesitate to ask for help!

Ask for help to GuruWalk, we are here to support you in anything that you need and we will. You can always write to our personal emails, also to You can also ask for help in our facebook group to the thousands of gurus that are already part of this family, because we are here to support each other.


Passion as the core of our guruwalks

One of our most important values has to be Passion, its what drives us to go out and show our cities to travelers from all over the world. Passion helps us improve, learn and become incredible gurus. Creating original and authentic guruwalks, completely different from the traditional tours. Without passion for what we do, GuruWalk would cease to exist although thanks to it, we have one of the best communities for guides and travelers around the world.

Support between gurus

Our lifestyle defines us as a community and above all as a family, interconnected people who learn from each other. Because of the information we share, becoming experts gurus and better people.

Share more and learn more!

Culture and fun

Share your culture, the lifestyle of your city, your history to travelers from all over the world while you have fun and make them learn while they have fun too, that’s the key and philosophy of GuruWalk!

Create an experience, not just tours

Guruwalks are not just simple tours around the city but experiences that make the walkers fall in love, enjoy and have a fun time, while learning about the culture and local lifestyle. We are in charge of creating these unique experiences and we work on it every day.

Excellence is the goal

Let’s make guruwalks the best tours across the planet. We create quality experiences and we prove it by being open to the walkers’ reviews of our guruwalks always in a transparent and visible way for all the community.

We are citizens of the world

That is GuruWalk, a small world without borders that wants to expand and spread that feeling to many people. We are gurus, travelers and locals but we are also citizens of a world that every day is more accessible and connected. It is in our DNA to help build a world united and for all.

Be curious

Keep learning, searching, improving to make your guruwalk an incredible experience. Talk to locals, ask them about the mysteries, legends & histories. Be the best guru of this community!