PRO Plan GuruWalk

The GuruWalk community has a PRO Plan for gurus that want to pursue their passion and host travelers from all over the world.

The PRO Plan can generate up to 50% more bookings than the ones you would receive on the HOBBY Plan from GuruWalk. It will allow you to have an unlimited group of people while the Hobby plan only allows you to have up to 4 or 5 walkers per day depending on the season.

Benefits of the PRO Plan of GuruWalk:

  1. There is no limit of walkers by day or by tour.
  2. All your guruwalks will be in the first positions of your city.
  3. You obtain the label PRO “Quality verified by GuruWalk” in all of your guruwalks.
  4. We create campaigns in Google AdWords in which we include your tours to boost your bookings.
How does the PRO plan works?

The PRO Plan works like a credit system where you can get a pack of 100 travelers (or “walkers” as we like to call them). The minimum package includes 100 walkers and it's processed through Stripe

You’ll have a credit account and we will deduct the walkers after each tour. If you have a booking of 20 people in a few months, we won’t deduct those credits until the day comes. Once you finish the tour, GuruWalk will automatically subtract the walkers from your credit account.

The “no shows” won’t be subtracted from your credit account. You have an option in your account to mark as “no show” the travelers that made a reservation but didn’t come to the meeting point. You’ll always have 72 hours to mark them once you finish the guruwalk. We don’t ask for any pictures, or proof that they didn’t came ¡We trust our gurus!

Bookings cancellations won’t affect your credits, because we subtract the credits only after the guruwalk has finished and cancellations occur before the tour starts.

Credits do not expire and are renewed when you ran out of credits, so you can continue to be in the PRO Plan. There is no term contract, you can stop being in the plan or come back at any given time, but no refund will be made if there has already been credit consumption by the guru.

The payments are made through the platform, with a secure online payment gateway and can be done with both credit and debit cards, you choose!