We have created these community rules in order to guarantee its proper functioning and provide security to all members, both walkers and gurus.

Respect for the gurus work

Always respect the work gurus do in any city. Thanks to GuruWalk system if you didn’t like the tour, you can always write an honest and constructive review through the platform, but always with respect for all members of the community, both gurus and walkers. Respect the start time of the guruwalk and your reservation. If you booked but can’st come, cancel the reservation and contact your guru to let him know, be aware that they would come to the meeting point is the have a reservation and you can make them lose their time.

Respect the concept “Free Tour”

Guruwalks are not FREE tours. In English, the word “free” means costless but also independent, and depending on the context one or the other meaning is used. In this case, it means “pay what you want tours”. This type of guided visits allows us to access the culture and to preserve the model, we all need to respect the concept itself. Decide how much you want to contribute at the end of the guruwalk based on your experience but always contribute and respect the guru that did it, this way we will be able to take free tours anywhere on the planet.

Write honest opinions

Reviews work for future walkers, so they can choose the best guruwalk they want to do. Write fair and constructive opinions based on your experience with the guru. Never write insults or messages that can hurt, keep in mind we are people.

Connect with your guru, they are more than just guides

Gurus are those “friends” that we would all love to have in any city. Connect with them anywhere on the planet, learn, have fun, enjoy, but above all make friends on all your trips.