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Santiago de Cuba Walking Tour (Parke Cespedes monument)

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  • Santiago de Cuba
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About the guru Stoycho

I am a Bulgarian teacher with PhD in philosophy. But it happened so that I worked as a sailor on a cruiser ship doing around the world cruises so I had the chance to visit 81 countries. I found my love here, in Cuba, in Santiago de Cuba. I married my love and for seven years settled in Santiago, the cradle of the hot tempered Cuban music and hot tempered Cuban revolutions. ... More »

I am a Bulgarian teacher with PhD in philosophy. But it happened so that I worked as a sailor on a cruiser ship doing around the world cruises so I had the chance to visit 81 countries. I found my love here, in Cuba, in Santiago de Cuba. I married my love and for seven years settled in Santiago, the cradle of the hot tempered Cuban music and hot tempered Cuban revolutions. And here is my assistant - My name is Osmani Diaz Mena. I am from Santiago de Cuba and I am 26 years old. I grew up in the historical centre of the city, playing at and enjoying the best and most interesting parts of the city. I graduated the Universidad de Oriente - Automatic Engineering. I like to share the culture and history of my city with the different people coming from other countries and to learn about their own. Dear visitors, From March to October I will be in Bulgaria so it will be Osmani Diaz that is going to attend you. I honestly think that his performance will be better than mine. Enjoy your time exploring the views and sounds of Santiago.

About the tour

My ambition in the tours I am offering is to give an idea, a feeling of the very special Cuban mentality by the stories that the squares, the Catherdral, the streets of Santiago, the finest Cuban music are ready to tell if we just have our ears prepared to listen to them.

During the tour you will meet different Cubans – musicians, artisans, dancers, shopkeepers, passers by etc, and have your own experience with Cuban people. In the itinerary there is nothing that is contradictory to the OFAC requirements.

Itinerary – sights and related stories

1. Enramada (the Main Street of Santiago) – the hot land shaded by flowers (ramo means a bunch of flowers)

2. The Balcony of Velazquez – early history of Cuba. The stories of Diego Velazquez, de Soto and Bartolome de Las Casas.

3. The University San Basilio – the first University of Cuba.

4. The Cathedral. The story of Virgen de la Caridad, the patron saint of Cuba. Carlos Manuel de Cespedes

5. The Palace of Diego Velaquez

6. Casa Granda and Carlos III Club – the Santiago version of independent Cuba.

7. The House of the Mayor. Hernan Cortez – the first Mayor of Santiago. Declaring the victory of the Revolution on 9th of January 1959.

8. Calle Herredia – the Monmartr of Santiago. Depending on the date and hour we can catch a piece of the wonderful Cuban music either in Casa de la Trova, Museo Herredia, UNEAC, Arteks or at least at the corner behind Museo de los Carnavales. Calle Herredia is also famous for its artesans’ and souvenir shops.

9. Museo de los Carnavales. The Carnival of Santiago is considered the richest and hotest among the carnivales all over Cuba. At 4:00 p.m. in its patio starts a breath-taking show related to the African roots of the Cuban culture`.

10. Museo Bacardi. The story of Bacardi family – rum and revolution.

11. Calle Carniceria and Parke Serano.The slavery and time perception of Cubans.

12. Plaza Dolores. The Jesuits and the school education. The story of Eduardo Chivas – a really unique public figure. Fidel Castro.

13. The Bazar Street. The monuments of Cuban music – Miguel Matamoros, Sindo Garay, Esteban Salas. If you want to buy some more souvenirs, typical Cuban sweets etc. you can do it there.

14. Back to the port. Padre Pico.

The duration of this short version of the tour is 2 hours (we don't enter the museums during the tour). The distance is something like one mile walking on paved or asphalted streets,

There is a longer one – 3 hours, that insludes the “revolutionary” branch: Plaza de Marte (the revolutionary wars for Independence) and Cuartel Moncada where in a unbelievably strange manner started the revolution of Fidel Castro. It adds another half a mile to the distance but again uses asphalted streets.


1. This meeting point for this free walking tour is at Parke Cespedes right in front of the Cespedes monument . If you are arriving on a cruise ship please book the cruise schedule free orientation tour I listed on Guruwalk. For that tour we will meet in front of the passenger terminal after you disembark your ship.

2. Internet services is very poor in Cuba. We don't have constant access to the Internet. Sometimes it can be 24 to 48 hours or more before I can get on. Please make sure we exchange messages to confirm your reservation date and time.

3. Meeting time can be flexible if I am available. Please contact me to arrange and confirm meeting time.

Meeting point
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How to find me: Red T-shirt sign "Walking Tour Stoycho"
Tour duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes

What's the price?

A guruwalk is a pay-what-you want walking tour, which means, it's completely free to book and join the group, but the 'guru' expects to be rewarded once the tour ends. Some people give €10 per person, some people give US‎$ 50, you choose the price.

For organizational purposes, it is mandatory to book the tour. Booking is completely free, fast and easy. Book your guruwalk now!

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8 months ago


Response from Stoycho:

Thank you Anni. So kind of you and I will try to offer you something better next time.


8 months ago

Great tour, Stoycho really took the time to explain everything according to what was my main point of interests and deeply cared about logistic question regarding my stay in Santiago. I would highly recommend him!


Response from Stoycho:

It was all my pleasure to lead a fellow-historian along the streets and squares of Santiago. Thanks, Esther.


9 months ago

Great tour! Stoycho is a wonderful guide - part philosopher, part historian, great sense of humour, wonderful command of the English language and all-round nice man


Response from Stoycho:

Oh, thank you, Cathy. But I told you - I am heavily depending on my tourists. If I see sparkling eyes I can be really good. If no - I am the worst. So it was you two who did the magic. Thank you once again. Stoycho (and Maryoris)


1 years ago

Literalmente Stoycho nos dejó tirados en Cuba, se había confirmado el tour por Santiago y resulta que él estaba en Europa de vacaciones. No hemos entendido nada, ha sido un fracaso absoluto y una falta de respeto increíble. DESASTROSO


Response from Stoycho:

Le rogamos al compañero Sergio Alonso que nos disculpe por las molestias ocasionadas, sin embargo no entendemos como puede decir que su reservacion fue confirmada sin haber recibido ningun mensaje de confirmacion, ademas si lee detenidamente nuestro descripcion, se explica que nuestra internet no es constante por lo que no podemos atender reservaciones que hayan sido hechas con menos de 24 horas de antelacion, no obstante de igual modo le rogamos que nos disculpe por las molestias que hayamos podido ocasionarle sientase libre de contar con nosotros en cualquier otro momento que visite nuestra ciudad. Gracias


1 years ago

No lo localizamos en el punto de encuentro.



1 years ago

Stoycho no apareció. Estuvimos esperando más de 30 minutos y no hubo señal de él.

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