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Evening Free Santiago Musical Tour

Your guru: Stoycho
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  • Santiago de Cuba
  • Available in: Spanish, Russian, English

About the guru Stoycho

I am a Bulgarian teacher with PhD in philosophy. But it happened so that I worked as a sailor on a cruiser ship doing around the world cruises so I had the chance to visit 81 countries. I found my love here, in Cuba, in Santiago de Cuba. I married my love and for seven years settled in Santiago, the cradle of the hot tempered Cuban music and hot tempered Cuban revolutions. ... More »

I am a Bulgarian teacher with PhD in philosophy. But it happened so that I worked as a sailor on a cruiser ship doing around the world cruises so I had the chance to visit 81 countries. I found my love here, in Cuba, in Santiago de Cuba. I married my love and for seven years settled in Santiago, the cradle of the hot tempered Cuban music and hot tempered Cuban revolutions. And here is my assistant - My name is Osmani Diaz Mena. I am from Santiago de Cuba and I am 26 years old. I grew up in the historical centre of the city, playing at and enjoying the best and most interesting parts of the city. I graduated the Universidad de Oriente - Automatic Engineering. I like to share the culture and history of my city with the different people coming from other countries and to learn about their own. Dear visitors, From March to October I will be in Bulgaria so it will be Osmani Diaz that is going to attend you. I honestly think that his performance will be better than mine. Enjoy your time exploring the views and sounds of Santiago.

About the tour

Why pay $$ to the cruise lines for a visit to the vibrant Calle Herredia. Come and learn about the area with the option of entering one of the clubs for a much less (payment of the tour + entrance + drink) than what cruise ship excursion charges. Note that due to the size of the clubs we will have more of a limit on the number of people who can join this tour.

Evening Free Santiago Musical Tour itinerary:

It really is impossible to fix a route – one group is performing this night in one place, the next night is somewhere else...

1. Pick up from the port in front of the Passenger Terminal.

2. Walk to the heart of the musical center of Santiago de Cuba Calle Herredia (about 15 to 20 minutes leisurely walk)

3. Tour the streets to hear the sounds and feel the vibe: see the famous clubs e.g. Casa de la Trova, Salon del Son, Patio de Dos Abuelos, Iris Jazz Club ...see and hear from the outside.

4. Stop and go into one of the clubs within the 2 hour window (note: cover charge and drinks for the clubs are not included). Typical charges are: 5 CUC entrance fee and 3-4 CUC for a cocktail .

There are good performances of Cuban music also in the patios of UNEAC and ARTEX and other clubs along Calle Herredia.

At the end of 2 hours for those of you who would like to continue we can say goodbye and you can stay or continue to explore the area on your own. I will give you direction how to get back to the ship.

For those who wants to return to the ship I will walk you back to the Passenger Terminal. Santiago is relatively safe for a big city however I understand that it may be unsettling walking at night in an unfamiliar city even for only 15 to 20 minutes.


Internet services is very poor in Cuba. We don't have constant access to the Internet. Sometimes it can be 24 to 48 hours or more before I can get on. Please make sure I have your reservation. We need to exchange messages on Guruwalk to confirm.

Note that I also offer a fully guided Musical tour for the entire evening for cruise passengers and for those who are on land tours to Santiago de Cuba. The tour can be extended to as late as you like.

Meeting point
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How to find me: In front of the cruise Passenger Terminal red T-shirt saying Walking Tour Stoycho
Tour duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes

What's the price?

A guruwalk is a pay-what-you want walking tour, which means, it's completely free to book and join the group, but the 'guru' expects to be rewarded once the tour ends. Some people give €10 per person, some people give US‎$ 50, you choose the price.

For organizational purposes, it is mandatory to book the tour. Booking is completely free, fast and easy. Book your guruwalk now!

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1 years ago

El tour lo hicimos con un muchacho que mandó Stoycho. El muchacho muy bien pero no tenía idea de un tour musical. No sabía a dónde ir. Fuimos a un lugar que no había música ese día, entonces partimos para otro en el cual tuvimos que consumir a precio alto y muy tarde llegó un conjunto bastante fuimos a otro lugar que la entrada costaba 12CUC. Resolvimos no entrar. Y eso fue todo. El muchacho fantástico, un médico muy amable, pero evidentemente no podía hacer ese tour ni sabía de música. Se quedó con nosotras hasta tarde, caminamos y nos acompañó muy amablemente hasta cerca de donde nos alojábamos.


Response from Stoycho:

Saludos Lila Muchas gracias por su crítica, la misma nos ha permitido saber que aun tenemos mucho que mejorar en la preparación de este tipo de tours lo cual sin lugar a dudas se ha convertido en nuestra principal tarea, espero que algún día podamos compensarla por esta experiencia no tan satisfactoria, sientase libre de contactarnos en cualquier otra ocasión prometemos hacerle olvidar cualquier recuerdo no placentero que haya tenido de nuestro tour. Su servidor, Stoycho


2 years ago

It was a really interesting experience strolling around Santiago streets with someone who really knows where to stop, to go, to visit and makes your trip easier :) Thank you!


Response from Stoycho:

I am glad that you enjoy it, thank you very much for your review, and please, contact me some day if you won to continue the history and the enterteiment of Santiago de Cuba. Regards Osmani


2 years ago

It was Fabulous!! Loved the music Osmani was a wonderful guide, very personable and professional! Thank you for a unique evening in Cuba.



2 years ago

Fantastic tour!!!

We three couples were met by Osmani, the stepson of Stoycho, at the entrance to the Santiago de Cuba Port at 19:30 PM. We are sailing around Cuba on the Azamara Journey.

Osmani, an engineer with the Power Company, was an outstanding ambassador for the city. He took us to three venues to enjoy the evening of music, dance, drink and culture.

Our first stop was at a bar where a group of women musician and singers performed - 1 CUC cover charge and ’CUC per drink.

Our second stop was at a dance club were locals and tourists join in dance. 2 CUC cover charge.

Our third stop was at the upscale la Bohiem Club with two of the best singers - a romantic ambience.

Osmani walked us back to the ship - all aboard @midnight.

What a most enjoyable experience. MUST DO in Santiago de Cuba.



2 years ago

excelente Tour musical!! lo recomendamos ampliamente.

permite conocer distintos tipos de música y lugares de Santiago, avompañado de unos buenos tragos. ambos guías muy amables!!!



2 years ago

We really enjoyed our evening tour with Osmani. He took us to authentic Cuban night spots and we heard great music. We really recommend Osmani as a guide in Santiago de Cuba.

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