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Knowing the secrets of the Santiaguero Historical Center

Your guru: Roxana
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  • Santiago de Cuba
  • Available in: English, French, Spanish

About the guru Roxana

I am a single mother. I love the history of my city and I want to share the secrets of my city with our visitors.

I am a single mother. I love the history of my city and I want to share the secrets of my city with our visitors.

About the tour

Santiago de Cuba is one of the oldest cities in Cuba. Its more than 500 years offer us a wealth of history and anecdotes that make us unique. In our city you can visit the oldest house in America, inhabited by Diego Velázquez, Spanish conqueror and founder of our town.

The visit to the first library museum founded in Cuba in 1899 by Don Emilio Bacardi, first mayor of Santiago de Cuba, is also required. In this wonderful museum we will find museum pieces that date from the time of the first inhabitants of our island, to the contemporaneity. Personal objects of the main leaders of our wars of independence and a large collection of Cuban and international art.

Santiago de Cuba was the birthplace of the July 26 movement, a revolutionary movement led by Fidel Castro Ruz that put an end to the Batistian tyranny. To learn more about its history we will visit the Museum of the Clandestine Struggle and the Moncada Barracks, as well as make a small stop in a humble house that was inhabited as a child by Fidel Castro while he was studying in our city.

Throughout the tour you will have the opportunity to enjoy the best views to take your best photos, as well as to chat and share opinions with your hostess. I hope you can choose us and that we will soon find ourselves discovering the secrets of my Santiago together.

List of places:

-Museum Emilio Bacardi

-Museum Diego Velazquez

-Cathedral of Santiago de Cuba

-Museum of the Clandestine Struggle

-House of Fidel Castro

-Museum July 26, Cuartel Moncada

What does it include:

-Does not include museum tickets

Meeting point
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How to find me: in front of the church Santisima Trinidad, wearing a green blouse
Tour duration: 2 hours

What's the price?

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7 months ago



8 months ago

The tour with Roxana was great! She speaks english perfectly and knows a lot about the places she showed us. The tour was very interactive and we could ask her whatever we wanted to know about Santiago, Cuba in general, history, religion, politics, etc.


Ron hadassi

8 months ago

Roxana was very nice interesting and excellent attitude

Fully recommended



8 months ago

Roxana es una excelente anfitriona de Santiago de Cuba!!! Alegre y dispuesta a compartir la historia y los secretos de esta ciudad soñ

Es profesora de INGLÉS, y también habla en FRANCÉS, por lo cual, recomiendo ampliamente su tour, sea cual sea tu lengua materna.



9 months ago

Großartige Tour. Roxana kann sehr gut erzählen und es war super, das wir nur zu zweit waren, dadurch konnte sie uns alle Fragen beantworten. Danke



9 months ago

Great tour. Roxanne gave us a good view over the city and the history of Santiago. By the way she showed us nice places to stay or to eat. Thanks a lot for her friendly and warm communication.

Kind regards

Andrea and Gerd

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