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Kaunas - the heart of Lithuania

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  • Kaunas
  • Available in: Russian, Spanish, Italian

About the guru Nomeda

I am a book illustrator and translator, I love my country and my city, that's why I like to be a guide. The tour can be done in Italian, Spanish, Russian and Lithuanian.

I am a book illustrator and translator, I love my country and my city, that's why I like to be a guide. The tour can be done in Italian, Spanish, Russian and Lithuanian.

About the tour

Kaunas is a lively but quiet city, located at the crossroads and in the European wars, characterized by the vegetation, the Lithuanian language and the diversity of the different universities. We walk into a welcoming old town, where medieval life and battles with the Crusaders are remembered by the remains of the 14th century castle; Then we head to the historic town square, where the churches and houses of the Gothic merchants are transformed into a Renaissance style. We go down where two rivers meet, giving life to each other; From there we will know why, during the Tsarist occupation of Russia, when you cross the bridge, you could go back to the past. We will learn to notice how the symbols of paganism still manifest themselves in Christians. Along the avenue of "Laisvès" (avenue of freedom), such as the Lithuanian Rambla, where ART Deco style houses show the proud life of the citizens who lived between the two wars, when Kaunas was the capital of Lithuania (1920-1939) We will visit the Bank of Lithuania building, the officers' building and the garden of the Military Museum, and I will explain why freedom and the state have always been so important to us. Then we can admire the old funicular and I recommend you to see the museums. I will try to make them better understand how we Lithuanians are, our customs and legends, our celebrations and our daily life. Then you can relax in the spectacular Gothic cellars tasting the delicious Lithuanian beer that is brewed there and, if you are hungry, the symbol of our cuisine awaits you: cepelini and cold beetroot soup. I'm sure you will like it, welcome to Kaunas! We can change the time if necessary.

Meeting point
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How to find me: In front of the Kaunas castle, where the green letters KAUNAS are. I'll be with a white cloth bag.
Tour duration: 2 hours, 45 minutes

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3 months ago

El tour fune muy bonito, Nomeda es muy atenta, conoce muy bien su ciudad. Vimos tanto la parte vieja como la nueva de la ciudad, con muchas anecdotas



9 months ago

¡El tour fue estupendo!

Eramos solo nuestro grupo de amigos y la guía nos hizo el tour sin ningún problema. Como una amiga más nos enseñó toda la ciudad y nos explico con detalle todos los lugares importantes y la historia del país; muy recomendable.



9 months ago

Explcaciones detalladas y buena compañia



11 months ago



12 months ago



12 months ago

Una guía fantástica, definitivamente un tour recomendado!!

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Response from Nomeda:

Muchas gracias, Maria :) y saludos desde Kaunas!
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